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Universal Inspection Console

The Silver Reach inspection console provides an all in one platform for a wide range of inspection and survey situations. Connect with a full selection of cameras and scanners wirelessly or cabled. The full 1080p HD touchscreen display provides a sharp interface to the intutive inspection software


►Designed for mines
►1080p HD 13.3" Capacitive Touch screen
► Removable 18v Lithium-Ion battery pack
► 3 possible power sources for maximum compatibility
► Windows 10 OS
► Rugged Pelican™ Case

► USB 3.0 ports
► Intel i7 processor

► 512gB Hard drive
► Compatible with full line of inspection devices 
► Integrated Joystick for camera control

► Integrated 3D Mouse for easy 3D manipulation of data


The SilverReach Inspection console is designed with top of the line components

for high performance in order to capture video and dimensional 3D data quickly and easily 

The operators console is built to meet the harsh environments mines present without sacrificing functionality.



► Easy to understand interface

► Touch capabilities

► Custom software

► Screens adapt to 

    selected inspection


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