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We are a company specialized in the design, manufacture and service of industrial control and RF systems for the mining, forestry, agricultural, construction industry and off road equipment. Minewise provides high-quality products and reliable service to customers. We aim to serve the needs of our customers and create value for the mines around the world by becoming the most efficient and innovative choice for the mining industry. 


With over 30 years of experience and presence in the Canadian market and abroad, Minewise has been providing industry with custom technical solutions since 1989.


We recognize that the industry is shifting toward more cost-effective and automated solutions. Being a technological supplier we strive to stay ahead of the curve in order to meet the rapidly growing demands of the industry. We understand that the mining industry presents a different set of niche challenges. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most reliable and practical technological solutions.

Minewise Technology Ltd. maintain ISO 9001:2015 certification.
All our RF generating products are Industry Canada and FCC certified.
Global Clients


“When asked upon, Minewise is always available to come to the mine and provide a great service. The detail of the data, in particular CMS, is far greater than is capable of being handled with our own mining Software. James always takes the time to modify the data such that it is manageable at the plant, and works with us until we are satisfied with the final product. Although we own our own CMS units which are great for completed cavity scans at stope drawpoints or top-sills, we do not have the capability of completing CMS's of ore-pass & vent raises and MineWise is readily available to complete these scans as required. The end result is data that we otherwise would not be able to complete ourselves."

Rick Webber / Vale

“Always good service, timely responses and excellent quality work and use of current technology"

Chris Pritchard / Glencore

“James was very professional and efficient with his surveys. I would strongly recommend Minewise to anyone in industry looking for a quality cavity survey/scan."

Andre Timony / Glencore

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