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CASE 1: Ballast Hole Blockage Removal

In conjunction with a blasting company, we deployed a camera into an 800 ft 18” borehole to identify the location of a blockage. Using the camera as a visual aid, we deployed a 30lbs explosive charge down the hole and placed it optimally over the blockage. The blockage was successfully removed by the blast and the hole was recovered. This eliminated the need for a new hole as well as any additional down-time.

CASE 2: Recovery of debris in sand plant concrete lines

Using video and a suite of custom made end effectors (magnets & hooks) we retrieved pieces of 2” flat bar, measuring balls, carrystrap etc. which had accidentally been dropped down plugged sand lines. These items would have completely compromised the holes creating the need to drill new lines from the concrete batch plant to the underground workings.

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