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Performing video inspections of raises and passes can be challenging. The RaiseRider PTZ inspection camera has a proven track record of navigating the most challenging situations. Its small form tires and field tested stance allows maximum stability and navigation over highly undulated raise and pass surfaces. 


The design allows the carrier to proceed even in the event of full inversion as walls and surfaces dictate. It provides ample ground clearance to protect the camera and carries dual hi-intensity LED flood lamps with internal power and signal conditioning to provide a live video link to the operators console.  It’s tough machined aluminum housing takes a beating while protecting essential components for effective control of the Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera.


The field proven PTZ inspection camera complements the full range of BlackMap survey tools allowing for full length video surveys of passes and raises.(Couples to SilverReach 300M winch) 


► Light weight 

► Fast detach wheels

► Tough carrier frame

► Pre-wired to link to the SR-300 Inspection Winch

► Full Pan/tilt/Zoom Control

► Dual 48w LED lighting


Tough aluminum carrier frame

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