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The BlackMap HD delivers high definition 3D scanning of virtually any area of underground workings with ease and speed never before achievable. 


Production stopes, orepasses, ventilation raises and fixed infrastructure pose an ever increasing list of areas that present requirements for 3D imaging to determine clearances, volumes etc.

►Designed for mines
► High Resolution (up to 1/8 deg)

► Ultra Fast (80 sec scan time)

Integrated HD cameras

► Powerful scene lighting


► Long Range WiFi link to console

► Scan in any orientation

► Integrated Illuminated survey points

 Full length raise and pass scans

      via Silver Reach winches and reels



The BlackMap HD scanner sets the standard as the most versatile and innovative scanning tool for 3D imaging of mines.


Tough Body

Heavy duty billet aluminum machined housing

Extensively tested to withstand the toughest conditions for long reliable service

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