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Scanning items of interest and inaccessible areas can now be quickly and efficiently performed with the HDS-777K fully portable - self contained 3D

Hi-Res BlackMap scanner. Its compact size allows it to capture full 360 imaging by deploying it in any orientation without bulky cables and fixtures.

Scanning can be accomplished without consuming highly technical personnel. The data can be later reviewed allowing management to make informed decisions of many critical situations.

► High Resolution (1/4 deg)

► UItra Fast (19 seconds scan time)

► Designed for mines
► Low Cost

► Self-contained (No cables)

► Long range WiFi link to console

► Scan in any orientation

► Simple snap in power pack

► Compact enough to access small areas



BlackMap HSD-777K scanner takes 3D imaging of mines to a new level of portability and performance. 

Resilient Body

6061 Milled Aluminum

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